Today Gold Price in Dubai UAE, Gold Rates in Abu Dhabi

(USD) (AED) Carat
USD 40.398 151.54
24 Carat
USD 38.308 143.7
22 Carat
USD 36.1 135.417
21 Carat
USD 1257.60 4717.471 Ounce
USD 299.429 1123.209 Gold Coin

Last Gold Price in Dubai UAE Updated on Tuesday February 28, 2017

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Last 4 Weeks Gold Price in Dubai UAE:

Date 24k 22k 21k
28-Feb 151.54 143.7 135.417
24-Feb 151.457 143.625 135.346
13-Feb 148.216 140.549 132.45
07-Feb 148.614 140.928 132.803
02 Feb 146.566 138.985 130.972
30 Jan 143.358 135.942 128.106
27 Jan 144.225 136.764 128.883
26 Jan 144.491 137.019 129.119
25 Jan 143.261 135.852 128.02
24 Jan 142.589 135.215 127.42
23 Jan 144.225 136.764 128.883
20 Jan 144.225 136.764 128.883
19 Jan 144.491 137.019 129.119
18 Jan 143.261 135.852 128.02
17 Jan 142.589 135.215 127.42
16 Jan 144.225 136.764 128.883

The commodity Jackpot; gold and silver:
Change, evolution, and progress has been almost inevitable since the ancient medieval times to the modern Computer age today. What existed as part of normal lives hundreds of years ago is considered almost taboo today. Despite all this progress, what remains same however is the value of gold and silver. gold and silver can be considered as two of the oldest commodities in a trade that retain their high value in present-day exchange markets as a precious metal as well as a currency. Gold and silver are exchanged at a variety of rates internationally. In the UAE with cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh etc. the gold rates are determined primarily by its purity and the purity is measured by the unit Karats with higher karats meaning purer and higher priced gold. Today scientific expansion and technological progress have succeeded in maintaining 24 karats as the purest form of gold.

Last 5 Years Gold Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi – UAE in Emirates Dirhams

Other factors that may influence the prices of gold and silver in the United Arab Emirates are aspects like demand for gold and silver and supply of gold and silver as well as speculation of gold and silver in international exchange markets directly related to gold and silver. In the UAE gold has grown to be not only a commodity in exchange but also a currency. This can be seen by observing the inverse nature of gold with the currencies of the respective markets. Moreover with gold being used to store wealth and cash hordes in an indestructible form also show how gold holds an importance of its own and hence is classified as much of a commodity as its is a currency.


Silver is considered more of a commodity with the prime reason being its lower rate and classification as a metal. Its safe haven is not that high as that of gold but with demand and supply eagerly fluctuating the rates from rare highs to devastating lows the interest of the investors in silver never declines.

Dubai is the business hub of the Middle East. Known for its extravagant luxury, inspiring architecture, moonlit parties as well as a booming tourism industry that attracted an estimated 15 million tourists in 2016 alone; Dubai has become one of the most popular places in the world (4th to be exact). The obscene tourism rates combined with factors like progressive taxation with tax rates being 0% as well as rising household incomes has given rise to demand for gold in Dubai and with countless retailers to meet that demand gold rates have become highly competitive in Dubai.

Some of the most well-known markets in Dubai for Gold and silver are more than a decade old and when mentioning Gold markets one simply cannot overlook the most authentic gold market in Dubai; The Dubai Gold Souk. With over 400 shops quality controlled directly by the government and designs only limited by your imagination, this market offers the most authentic Gold and silver purchasing experience along with a rich heritage too.

Visiting the Gold and Diamond park you will find yourself in yet another plethora of Gold and silver shops and although nowhere as big as the gold souk you will find designs rarely in the souk along with artisans making your own custom jewelry backed by an expertise of decades.

For the modern mass market with tastes influenced by modernism there is nowhere better to go than the Joyalukkas market. With the most up to date designs reaching here faster than light and a healthy assortment of retailers there is little you won’t find in the Joyalukkas. Other well-known gold marketplaces include atlas jewelry, ARY jewelers, as well as Damiani.